35,000 feet above China.  That’s where this next post is being written.  Can you imagine what it’s like?  Sitting in row 38 seat C, right elbow being smashed everytime a stewardess or passenger walks down the aisle.  I’m forced to type with my elbows glued to my sides.  Arm rest stolen by the passenger on my left.  He’s asleep and looks about 70.  Not messing with that.  Trying to formulate my thoughts is hard enough in silence.  Here I am surrounded by conversations in Chinese, the pilot speaking over them encouraging us to join a frequent flyer program, a steward handing out surveys, and as I look to the senior on my left I ask: did he just fart?!

Distractions!  Yet none of them hold a candle to the excuses that I tell myself…that I tell everyone…for why I haven’t written anything in 3 and a half weeks.  Everyone knows I’ve been busier than usual, being a student in Startup Institute.  I’ve been working through marketing assignments, researching companies I want to work for, corresponding with the awesome people in those companies, progressing with my partner team (akin to an internship), and cultivating relationships with my cohorts.  I’m just prioritizing, alright?  Think of the utility in all these tasks, the benefits I’ll later reap as an employed marketer with a strong network and even some boastworthy experience!  Because that’s what matters most: utility, value, and advancement!  And hopefully…after reading that last sentence…you’re just as ashamed as I am for how soul-less that sounds.

What happened to thinking that what matters most…is simply me?  After all, what is blogging?  Me sitting down (though I’d rather stand after being on flights for 20 hours) and thinking out loud for absolutely no tangible, measurable, or immediately beneficial reason?  YES!  And that’s the point.  Blogging is a way for me to be completely self-serving.  Stealing time away from those precious activities so that I can exhale my thoughts and feelings.  Even as I write this now, surrounded by distractions, I feel calmer.  The activity is serendipitous.  I don’t want to stop writing…even though the plane is landing soon and you’ll get bored eventually (still there?).

So I learned a valuable lesson up here, now 35,000 feet above Thailand.  Make time to do whatever it is you selfishly want to do.  Prioritize THAT and let the rest fall into place.  Because it’s too easy to lose sight of what’s really important: YOU.  Lucky me to rediscover that all the way up here in the clouds.  Signing off.

3 Thoughts on “Writing In The Clouds

  1. Manyu on July 31, 2015 at 2:08 pm said:

    Love it!

  2. you know the deal people just get hung up … I say relax and have fut;2in&#8.17.s really about connectiing with your audience and giving out great content!

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